Bands I've peformed and/or recorded with, in alphabetical order.

1020 Point Lawrence

Impromptu rock and jazz fusion.

Big Blu Soul Revue

Classic and modern soul, funk and rhythm & blues

Bigelow's Treehouse

Funk and groove originals

Bletchley Park Project

Psychedelic rock originals

Blue Tuesday

Rock and blues covers

Bundy Browne

Soulful and jazzy blues and country singer/songwriter and amazing guitarist

Cats Cradle

Eclectic multi-instrumentalist, Eric Ware and soulful singer Caryn Sinkler play a wide variety of pop, blues, country, rock and jazz.

Curt Yagi & the People Standing Behind Me

Acoustic ska originals

Dan Burke

Americana rock originals

Dave Miller Band

Soulful southern blues rock

Dave Stein Bubhub

Groove and funk originals

DB Walker Band

Rock, funk and blues covers and originals

Erica Sunshine Lee

Country originals

Jason Movrich & Friends

Funk, soul, rhythm and blues, Chicago style.

Jessica Leia

A little bit leather, a little bit lace She’s savory, spicy and sweet in one taste.

Kerry Wing

Soulful ska originals

Lisa Montes

Country and latin originals

Mark Bettencourt and the Aftermath

Classic rock covers


Rock and blues originals

Mike Annuzzi

Acoustic rock originals

Mission Players

Funk and soul originals

Pacific Vibrations

California born Kerry Wing and Hawaiian born Randy Nakamura collaborate to bring an "Irie Feeling" of island/Cali style reggae, rock, folk and soul

Pier Pressure

Rock covers.

Robin Applewood

Robin books entertainment via @BayVibes, produces albums and live entertainment and performs live.

Rodeo Clowns

Bay area classic rock covers

Samba Cruz

Traditional and original samba.


Bossa nova originals

Shawn Evans

Acoustic jam band originals

Sweet Talk

Classic rock covers

Terry Hiatt Trio

Terry has been performing around the Bay Area forever, most recently as a sideman for a bunch of singers including Lara Price, Kay Bohler, E. C. Scott, and occasionally Pam Hawkins. Terry’s played blues, country, rock, funk and standards.

The Khwan Project

Soulful covers and originals

Ulysses Child

Uncle Shinbone

Grunge originals

Useless Desires

Grunge originals


Vibrance is a unique mixture of Reggae, Hip Hop, Soul and Indie Rock, with a strong influence of world rhythms. Their original songs are uplifting, with soulful lyrics and rhythms that make you want to move.

Wing Brothers

World music and reggae