The Underachiever

Three Novellas, One Underachievement

Jooles Mueller (AKA 'The Underachiever') is a dot-com burnout. He's on a collision course with his heart, pushing him towards adventure, while his mind restrains him towards responsibility. But both are telling him to go to Paris. They just may not be one and the same destination.

Taking on what may be the first major achievement of his life, Jooles desperately tries to break free of the underachiever mentality and capture Nymphet—a blond bombshell of mythic proportions—who shattered his ideals of love and purpose in one, seemingly fateful encounter. Along the way he finds only his thoughts can be his undoing. He simply has to be, and success will be his. If only he could remember that.

Written as a three-part series of novellas, the Underachiever is a fictionalized digital memoir. One part email confessional, one part fictional autobiography and two parts nonsensical quandary, The Underachiever mixes the romantic comedy into a romantic ridiculosity.

Part 1 - Anticipation

The Underachiever In part one, our hero collides with his fate. Desperately trying to bring his friends (and readers) up to speed as he recounts the tale unfolding about him, he simultaneously tries to come to grips with what is happening to him. Is he in love? Does he know what he's doing? Has he gone mad? Perhaps.
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Part 2 - The Coy Fish and Her Fish Bowl

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Part 3 - Living the Tale

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